How I started 
 I have been in the trade since 2018, starting out by making axe sheaths. I made my first knife just after I turned 15, from an old lawnmower blade, and turned it into a knife with little more than a tile smoother. As my skill improved, so did my ability to create tools and accessories faster and of a higher quality than before.  

My statement 
My goal is to sell tools and/or accessories with moderate customization that is as high quality as possible with my skill, knowledge, with minimal profits. Although I do focus my work on knifemaking, I make hoofpicks and other leather accessories. I am still in learning, so each item will be unique. 

About me 
At the time of writing, I am 15 years old, operating out of my dad’s garage in central Florida and use a 2x30 belt sander that I use to shape out the knife and put a bevel on, I still use the tile smoother to create handles, since it cuts through wood well and is good for scalloping (the small indentations you see in the handles). I use a bench grinder with a buffing pad applied with black compound to get the darkened, waxy looks on sheaths and handles. I apply boiled linseed oil as the final step to further seal and darken the wood. 
 I aim to improve with skill as time goes on, hopefully bringing a buyer higher quality items for cheaper. I do not know where this will take me, if anywhere, but I hope that the tools I sell last a long time, are comfortable to use, and are effective. 

Each knife comes with a sheath. I am a high school student so I will only be able to work when I have time and weather permits. The summers in southern Florida are brutal, therefore, protective clothing is entirely necessary for the process, hence, production is slow. 

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